History Marboella Boerboels

In 1994 we got acquainted with the eyeful Boerboel. 

We got so fascinated by this dog that we wanted to know more about this dog. 

First we bought a male and after a while, we bought two females.

We used these dogs for breeding, and tried to make this breed better, as it was. 

From our combinations we keep one or two puppies.

So we can see, learn and give advise, to people who buy a pup from MBB( Marboella-Boerboels), about food and upbringing. Further we try, to visit the pups, in the first 6 month in there new homes, and every summer we have a BBQ, where all the MBB are welcome, and then the owners can see brothers and sisters of their dogs. 

We breed Boerboels in our home. 

What means, they are born in our living-kitchen .

So they get more input, they see people all day and anything that happens there.

The Boerboel is in the first place a Watchdog and further a Fantastic family dog!

All our Boerboels we keep for the love of the breed and not for the money.

We travel to Africa many times a year too see Boerboel breeders, and their dogs.

We look at different bloodlines and try too find dogs that can make our Marboella bloodline even better!

From our experience we can see that the Boerboel is a "Very Watchful" 

and protective for the place and the family where the Boerboel lives.

The Boerboel will take three years before it is, physically and mentally full grown.

Marianne is a SABT certified Boerboel Breeder since 2003.

In December 2004, we moved to a bigger place 2800 m2, where we live now with our Boerboels.

Meanwhile Marianne is the first European SABT certified inspector (appraiser).

In 2005 in Heidelberg South-Africa, she got her final exam and through this she got to know the SABT breeding standard even more better,

and through her experience as appraiser she can give even a more objective judgement about the Boerboel.

We try with the combinations of our dogs to get as close as possible to the SABT breeding standard.

We wish you a lot of fun, on our website, where you find lots of pictures of Boerboels.

So you can see, how the Boerboel can look like ! 

mbb@marboella-boerboels.eu - tel. 0031613558364 (17u pm -19 pm)

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